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  • About Our Radio

    The BOMB RADIO is a world class, high frequency online radio running with unique dynamic website and open to all ages and any gender. It was founded by DJBEAT SNIPER the radio owner together with his admin DJ Taray Queen.

    It offers high quality of entertainments and Music that suits for all listeners, all type of gender according to your needs and well train DJ’s and Hospitably Moderators are in house.

    BOMB RADIO is a radio that bombs your ears through the music they offer and bring you in a cool environment and let you experience the home far from your home and giving you a chance to be a part of its extend growing online radio family. So set back and plug the headset coz in BOMB radio. We don’t just play the music but we BOMB!

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    Our Testimonials

    Jenia Jenny IDGAF "I got hooked up on the online radio site. I love the music, It swags my life, The Dj's are awesome!" more

    Hyeuna Yzabhel Dales "Nakapag bibigay ng Saya sa mga Pilipino lalo na sa OFW na malayo sa pamilya.Nakakatanggal stress at makakapagmeet ka pa ng mga bagong kaibigan at kakulitan." more

    Lara Conception "Thanks sa pag play ng mga requested songs! I love the Bomb radio! " more

    Medilin Sanchez "Tunning in The Bomb Radio !Ayieeeeii Armie Jacob dito ka na din! " more

    Armie Jacob "First time ko mag tune in sa The Bomb Radio. WOW!!! " more

    Devon Teban "I'm having so much fun!listening while chatting! The best among the rest!" more

    BatYuki "More power The bomb radio! " more

    Kero Biz "The Bomb Radio! Papawi ng 'yung lumbay dahil mga DJ ay buhay na buhay!" more
  • Best Program

    The END OF SUMMER 2017 will be celebrated by 4 hours of music here at the bomb radio with DJ Anders Lundgren.

    As we get older the summers seem to go by quicker, don't they? Or is it just me? It feel like I was just sharing Alt.Latino's Mid-Year Best Of list, and here we are buying school clothes for the kids and thinking about sweaters. As long as we continue our journeys around the sun above ground, we should have joyful, life affirming music to go accompany us. And that seems to be a theme running through the songs selected for this exploration. Joy, affirmation, celebration and wonder. Sometimes set to a seriously booty shaking groove.

    All songs are selected and mixed by Ben Wever and Dj Anderslundgreen! The best #moombahton #reggaeton #deephouse #house #tropicalhouse #dance #edm #club and more styles .. in original tracks, remixes and mashups! More radio channels to follow I am sure!!!! Find all Summer radio shows of 2017 on #PromoDJ:…/…/599644/Summer_Sessions_2017 and #Mixcloud: !!! (End Of Summer will be added here too next week!) ENJOY THE MUSIC!!!

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    Program Overview

    Dj Jenny IDGAF Mostly RnB music
    Dj Jozzaa Rhymez RnB & Rappers Delight every Tuesday, Wednesday , Thursday @ 8:00PM to 10:00PM
    Dj Yohan Request Express
    Mode of Romance with Dj Don Romantiko, Every Monday to Sunday @ 10:00PM -12:00MN
    Request mo, Play ko With Dj Taray Queen Monday to Sunday @ 6:00PM - 8:00PM
    OPM love songs with Dj Blind
    Dj Nyla's 90's back tracks
    Hashtag mo with Dj Khoedy
    The Beat show with DJ BEAT every Monday to Sunday @ 2:00AM to 4:00AM
    HugoT love songs with Dj Gaelle every Monday to Sunday @ 6:00AM to 8:00AM
    Sex flicks songs with Dj Milez
    Tagaytay Sound Trip with DJ Warrior
  • Best DJ of Month

    In my journey of life,music is the only way to show my feelings and emotions.

    I must continue my passion, this is my life, Life is all about music! And you can be a bitch when it comes to beat

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    Our Best Music

    Our Dj's

    Khoedy Lido Ga

    With his so called on air segment, E hashtag mo with DJ Khoedy. Most popular DJ in this era. more

    Mark Martin

    More fun with DJ Stuart! If you love to party, then he will bring the most party music that you will experience in his show! more

    Dj Khoe

    With her unpredictable cuteness and lovely voice, You will be the one who will judge how beauty meets her voice! more

    Admin Taray Queen

    From Japan, The DJ that play's music from her heart and soulmore

    Beat Sniper

    With his so famous tag line, "You can be a bitch when it comes to beat " " more

    DJ Nyla

    Love 90's love songs??, then hear the best 90's hits off all time! " " more

    Jozza Rhymez Gallant

    You want something different about best Hip Hop music? Then be with Dj Jozza!" " more

    Dj Mokoh

    He was an original, an innovator, and his influence will forever live on in our culture, Whether they know it or not " " more

    Kain Langaw A.K.A. Dj Clinkz

    Wanna hear something about best alternative classic rock music? His the dj you're looking for" " more

    Dj Z

    Famous of playing popular old school music dj on air! Silent But deadly. A member of Moonyuck group" " more

    Dj Papa Fee

    Cool dj from Philippinnes, A member of moonyucks group. He loves rock music and classic alternative rock, metal, punk , etcs. " " more

    Dj Yohan

    The best thing about being a DJ is making people happy. There is nothing like seeing people get up from a table to listen or the expression on their face when they hear a song they love " " more

    Dj Mami Ballz

    The hyporpanic dj from Japan! One of the most popular dj in internet radio history with a blast of hyper music in her track! " " more

    Dj Cristy Gaudiano

    From Philippines , Hear the best music made from her heart! " " more

    Dj PAPA Potskie

    One of best dj in the radio from Japan. Welcome to Papa potskie show!" " more

    Jenny IDGAF

    She don't love you, She loves RNB,Looks mean but fun To be with" " more

    Dj Ta'Far'Ay

    Always find myself picking little pieces of people’s different styles of production. He grew up as a DJ of Root music " " more

    Paju Yownee

    From Philippinmes, Former AM podcaster, From his dj name Keyboard Warrior! She a warrior and there's no doubt about it! " " more

    Elorah Infinity G

    Playing the best music Hits in the music history. She's one of the OFW as a DJ who's striving to let all listeners know the true meaning of music is." " more

    Dj Don Romantico

    Then He just moved into being a DJ when that turned into the hottest thing " " more

    Dj Gaelle

    Get the most updated playlist in this era and be amazed with her sexy naughty voice." " more

    Warren A Magpantay

    Youll get lost of yourself when you'll hear his eargasmic taste of music when his on air." " more

    Dj Angel

    From Philippines, Lets get love and be with her for she will bring you the best of variety music of all time." " more

    Dj Deniece

    A taste of music is like a taste of your favorite food in a buffet. His the best Dj youre looking for." " more

    Dj Milez

    Tired of being alone and feel loveless? Then be with her as she will be the one who will make you fall inlove again through her music way." " more

    Dj Shades

    Profound yet witty,Versatile DJ is not a novice to the vista. Effective and selfless, he is often known for being perceptive to his patrons. The agile DJ who hails from Cebu also know as "Salamin"" " more

  • Video

    Most exciting moment will be posted and you'll be able to view it only here in our beloved site. More videos will be posted and keep updated.
    Most exciting moment will be posted and you'll be able to view it only here in our beloved site. More videos will be posted and keep updated.
    Most exciting moment will be posted and you'll be able to view it only here in our beloved site. More videos will be posted and keep updated.
    Most exciting moment will be posted and you'll be able to view it only here in our beloved site. More videos will be posted and keep updated.
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    Telephone: +1 800 123 1234

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